Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ravenholdt's Honor Kill Ladder

It's time to update the list again. I think this time around it's very accurate (thanks for your tips and contributions, everyone). The current top Honor Killers of Ravenholdt are:

Rnnak  - 397160

Ufoz - 260941

Zylopfa - 260353

Wampyra - 231767

Parashade - 224165

Thibbledorf - 198009

Canarion - 182866

Tagrid - 178178

Kaitel - 169779

Arthurios - 155903

Do you know someone who belongs on the ladder? Post a comment or let me know ingame.

I have interviewed Rnnak, a level 70 feral/resto druid who has the most lifetime HKs on Ravenholdt. Grammar and overall sentence structure have been heavily edited for the sake of reading comprehension.

Rnnak, you have the most honorable kills on Ravenholdt - how did you go about accumulating such an impressive amount?

"This is the only character I play on since almost four years, and I just love doing battlegrounds."

You have a 2v2 team called 'wotlksux' and your character is level 70. Why did you choose not to purchase the Northrend expansion and stay at 70?

"The main reason I didn't upgrade to WotLK was to participate in more challenging battlegrounds which include more pvp and less honor grinding. There is also a feeling of overpower when you can solo a small group of enemies."

Rnnak continues, "But I would rather flame people who didn't know how to play their class. Two decent levelers could make a mess out of me if they knew how to counter feral."

Tell us a little about the guild you're in, Flame of Neltharion. It is made up of mostly level 80 characters who are raiding Icecrown Citadel - how do you fit into the picture?

"The guild was designed as level 70 only. At a time we had approximately eighty active accounts, and we would easily have between twenty and thirty players online for pure level 70 raids. Eventually people started to bring their [level 80] mains into the guild. The guild master got fond of Icecrown Citadel and that's how FoL started raiding that instance. Meanwhile the level 70s moved to a guild called 'Cupcake Crusaders' - but it fell apart and now they, too, are level 80."

Note: at the time of publishing this interview, Rnnak has moved to a little guild called 'Pessimistic Dominance' - good luck in there!

Cataclysm is around the corner. Do you plan on making an arena team called 'catasux' or will you purchase the new expansion?

"I will stay at level 70 for a while to see how things progress, and then I will level to 80". Rnnak adds, "By the way, 'wotlksux' was my teammate's idea, I dislike names of that kind."

Once you've hit 80, will you stay there or go further to the new level cap, 85?

"I will move on when I get fed up with Wrath of the Lich King content."

Could you give aspiring HK farmers some tips for reaching the top?

"It took almost three years at 60 and one year at 70 to get to where I am now. Just do battlegrounds and play WoW for fun, don't mess with achievements."

Thanks for your time, Rnnak!

Rnnak's 2v2 team reached rank 31 and a peak rating of 2057. The reason for sharing this is that the armory currently displays the rating as 0 as well as zero games played for all its members.

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