Monday, October 11, 2010

These rats breed like rabbits!

Lately the rats of Ravenholdt participate in more pvp than usual. Some say that the Dark Saints are threatened by the presence of yet another Horde wpvp guild - personally I have a feeling that a large number of players feel the need to prove themselves in wpvp - and I'm content with facing a growing number of opponents.

The tenacious critters have issued a threat to King Zylopfa.
Here's some footage from a Barrens brawl taken by Lucrezzia (seen in image above). I wasn't there to witness the carnage myself, but according to an insider the clip comes to an abrupt end just as the Horde forces are about to royally steamroll the puny rats. Now, this isn't quite the music I would pick, but all in all it's an enjoyable video clip.

"Ravenholdt EU - Barrens Event"

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Lucrezzia. In return I'll be sure to get you an appropriate thank you gift...

Most of the recent pvp has been occurring in Wintergrasp between battles, which is remarkable really, considering it's such an unattractive location for pvp design-wise. We've had quite a lot of good battles, then there's been those that have been tipped in either factions' favor, but we're used to those anyway.

It can always get worse.

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