Friday, October 15, 2010

4.01 - WPvP and rogue changes

Patch Day was celebrated by raging at steamrolling wizards and cheering when you could ambush + backstab someone to death (hello 40% health ambush, we've missed you so much!) - but that was all hotfixed by buffing resilience by 50% today.


So what are the big rogue changes? Maybe you noticed my 75k healing done. That's right, Recuperate - the ability that will change rogues forever. It can be used in stealth, which means you can easily find a nearby target, premeditate (for Subtlety rogues) and hit recuperate. Repeat a couple of times and you'll be back to full health in no time. I wouldn't be surprised to see this nerfed by causing you to exit stealth in a patch or two.

What else is new? The attribute system has received an overhaul, so now you will mostly be using agility gems au lieu de attack power. That is not all, however: haste now affects energy regeneration. As a result I have reforged all my gear, turning 40% of my crit into haste.

510 haste after reforging - and still at over 45% crit.
Furthermore, I have had my MH enchanted with mongoose - thanks for the tip, Sllythe!

This is my current spec. I've tried loads of different specs since 4.01 (including combat!), and this is the one I am the most satisfied with; well worth the ~300g spent respecing!

I have no Nightstalker points to allow for points to be spent in Sanguinary Vein, as well as no points in Waylay since I am using crippling poison on my OH.

That covers the rogue part for now. What about WPvP?
Well, there aren't any major changes, but they are interesting enough. First of all, guard spam in cities has been increased massively. Astartel mentioned the change (which for the record isn't mentioned anywhere in the patch notes) so we went into Stormwind's Trade District to investigate. I was killed within seconds with evasion up.

Cluster rats!
I was pretty upset until I found out about another City change. The guards aren't immune to vanish anymore! A welcome change indeed. City guards started being immune in patch 3.02, so it's appropriate that their vanish immunity is removed with its WotLK equivalent, 4.01.

We were hanging out by the Stormwind gates, ganking rats here and there. Eventually they had enough and enabled blueshielding. Don't worry though, once the odds were in their favor they started fighting again.

A typical turncoat rat - nothing out of the ordinary here
Congratulations to Astartel for the delicious rat whine, coming from above druid called Crysi (screenshot courtesy of Whiplásh):

Keep on making the rats rage, Fucking Retard Astartel!
With the new PvP interface (default key binding H) the readily available statistics for daily kills and honor gained are gone. It is a bit of a shame, but no great casualty - we will just have to consult the statistics page (default key binding shift Y).

I'm past 80000 HKs, which puts my average HK/day since I started blogging at a little over 700.

Got any delicious whines you'd like published on the blog? Let me know ingame.

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