Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zerg drama

Lately there have been a lot of discussions (read: flame wars) about zergs. I wasn't going to beat a dead horse, but I decided to anyway. Consider this post the official guide to the most recent Ravenholdt drama.

First of all, you'll want read the most relevant thread: Zylopfa's thread on ganking.

Zylos Hand is a WPvP guild, we dont wait for people to get full health or
full mana before we attack them, neither do we wait for them to be of equal
numbers before we attack them. In the art of ratslaying all that counts is getting
the enemy down, them being outnumbered or not.

- Zylopfa
Basically he is saying that zerging happens, and he is fine with that. This does not reflect the opinion of all of Zylos Hand's members, however; Reavan has publicly condemned zerging - although he did this after leaving the guild. He says that the reason for his departure is that Zylos Hand has too many immature members, and it just isn't the same as in The Burning Crusade.

I am not particularly fond of zergs either, whether I am on the receiving end or otherwise - I much prefer smaller fights. I have and will continue to join big raids since I enjoy that as well, but I usually leave groups when they reach too great advantages, unless it's in friendly territory. This is not because I seek some sort of moral high ground, but rather I find it insipid.

How many rats does it take to kill some Horde dogs?

The origin of zerg: Starcraft. I have never touched the game.
Now, to address the issue at hand. Why has there been an increase in zergs? One possible explanation is that WPvP is scarcely found outside of the Elwynn Forest area, and as such people tend to cluster thereabouts and form large raids, or zergs if you will - but then surely this would have happened earlier on. I believe that as we approach a new expansion, some guilds suffer more than others in terms of inactivity. Some people have quoted warcraftrealms.com which shows that there is an activity ratio between the Horde and the Alliance of 1 to 1.7 on Ravenholdt, which in turn would explain why the rats have been suffocated.

Say what you will about zergs, it will always be a common phenomenon whether you like it or not.

How not to be seen: a rogue's greatest ability.

And now for something completely different...

Harrianlar found a bug which enabled him to tame an infinite amount of pets. In the spirit of science, he headed into Stormwind to investigate further. He reportedly managed to heal himself for amounts in the millions, as well as firing off 150k Arcane Shots on targets with high resilience. Consequently it would appear he has received a temporary ban - what a great shame indeed.

Edit 6/11: I would like to specify that Harrianlar received a forum ban for making a post about the pet bug - his WoW account was unaffected. Apologies to any confusion this may have caused.

Before you ask, I remained mounted to offer a certain squishy mage some additional protection.

I regret that I didn't manage to take any better screenshots. Apparently someone filmed the spectacle, and if you know where to find a clip of it, then please let me know.

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