Sunday, October 17, 2010

What tomorrow brings

Putting out fires in Brill, collecting flimsy masks and countless hours spent ganking outside of Scarlet Monastery. It’s everyone’s favorite event: Hallow’s End! - But it might not be as great this time around. Ever since players could teleport to instances using the Dungeon Finder, world pvp has been dealt a critical blow. Many of you are already well aware of this, most notably from a Brewfest without any festive mind-controlling-people-into-the-lava bonanza.

Obtaining this mount will be painfully painless this year.
Out of the seasonal events Brewfest and especially Hallow’s End have stood out as great opportunities to participate in wpvp since the associated event bosses have offered loot desirable enough for players to visit them everyday.

It was as late as during Brewfest this year that I realized that all those moments spent in Blackrock Mountain and Tirisfal Glades are gone forever. When it became clear that meeting stone ganking was over with, I hadn’t even thought about the seasonal event pvp that we would be without.

Instance teleporting doesn’t just have a negative effect on pvp. The world becomes dull when it’s empty, and the effort put into the different zones seems almost for nothing when everyone is idling in Dalaran. I would be surprised if there isn’t at least a handful of developers at Blizzard who feel at unease with everyone teleporting to Scarlet Monastery instead of traveling there by more traditional means (those brooms are not for cleaning).

Pretty messy ui, huh.
Who knows how these events will look in Cataclysm; the development team is going in the right direction with Tol Barad as they acknowledged the demand for wpvp – they might just acknowledge seasonal wpvp, too.

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  1. Hope so, now, I'm not really a Wpvper, but things still get kind of dull when not even STV makes you nervous anymore.

    Ahh, Hallow's End, time to go achievement-whoring :>