Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trambu's Sunday events

Ravenholdt has what some would refer to as a tradition of sorts when it comes to PvP events. Many among you remember Dacarn's zealous RP posts announcing the next battlefield for the forces of the Horde dogs and Alliance rats to clash on. More still remember the fights that took place and the stalemates that occurred whenever one side would defend a keep somewhere.

It was thanks to those battles, the Sunday PvP events, that we saw areas we'd only pass through at level 37 on our way to that dungeon otherwise. We approach an expansion that will change the face of Azeroth forever, and we have ahead of us less than a month to enjoy the Old World before Deathwing surfaces.

In light of this, Trambu of Tides of Misery has been organizing Sunday events throughout Azeroth.

These are the events that have transpired so far:

Thousand Needles 17/10

The event was described by many as a disaster, with low attendance from the Alliance side, or as most put it, the Dark Saints.

It sparked quite a debate and is arguably the first evidence of the decrease in the Alliance's activity as the Wrath of the Lich King expansion draws to its end.

Hillsbrad Foothills 24/10

This time the rules were different. The Alliance and the Horde assigned a King who they would place in Azurlode Mine and Durnholde Keep respectively. Whichever faction's King survived the longest would win.

Itafeer was appointed Horde King, and Rasu represented the Alliance. It was a close call, but the Horde managed to down the opponent's King first.

Fanatix filmed the battle:

Arathi Higlands 31/10

The objective of the Arathi Highlands battle was to plant five faction banners in the enemy's base - the Horde was stationed by the Boulderfist Outpost while the Alliance resided in Stromgarde Keep's crypt.

As seen in the screenshot to the left (courtesy of Haldan), the Alliance was victorious; third's a charm, as they say.

Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands 7/11

The fourth event in the series, scheduled for tomorrow at 21:00 server time. This time there aren't any special objectives as in the two previous events, but rather one side, starting with the Alliance, will defend the hill leading up to Hearthglen.

Once they are defeated, the Horde will get to defend it against the Alliance. Bring warm clothing, rats - it will be a long night.

Western Plaguelands - RATS GO HOME

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