Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ravenholdt's Honor Kill Ladder

November is here, and along with it a new list. The top Honor Killers of Ravenholdt are:

Rnnak  - 400624

Ufoz - 274829

Zylopfa - 260353

Wampyra - 236100

Parashade - 227241

Thibbledorf - 199040

Tagrid - 192112

Canarion - 183162

Orçun - 182441

Kaitel - 171319

...And now the thrilling conclusion of the Hearthglen event! The Horde gathered by the Bulwark in Tirisfal Glades, eager to drive away the Alliance rats who had set up camp so close to the Undercity. 

Ylo and Astartel sent word that the rats had a larger force than we had anticipated - it was estimated that they had a full platoon, in other words 60 rats.

It soon became evident that our spies' sightings didn't do the size of the rats' raid any justice. We had a wall of 75 rats to break through, and our 60 man army wasn't strong enough.

I am somewhat satisfied that the Alliance was able to muster so many rats seeing as they have generally been outnumbered lately. Had it been the Horde who had come with such numbers, it might have deterred the rats from joining future events altogether.

Congratulations on the victory, rats. We are even - for now.

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