Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rogue changes etc

This is just a small post with minor updates which I haven't been able to fit elsewhere.

PTR 4.0.3: Recuperate now restores 2% of health every 3 seconds, down from 3%.
It was only a matter of time before it happened, since recuperate has been very powerful at level 85.

Here's the rogue s9 set sans shoulder pads which I probably should have showed you when it was released a week and a half ago:

Doesn't look horrible, right? Here's hoping that the shoulder pads won't look completely hopeless.

Lately even more people are having issues turning on /PvP, and some have argued that Kyalo's Auto PvP Enabler isn't doing the job since 4.0.1, so here's a link to Eleris' PvPOn. Personally I think it's simpler to, you know, type /PvP, but maybe that's just me.

People have complained that they need a gmail account to post comments, so I've added a shoutbox to the bottom of the blog by the footer.

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