Sunday, January 16, 2011

My user interface

Welcome to the complete guide to Zyl's addons. First a short bit of history...

September 9, 2009. I had recently bought a new 13" laptop since I was moving to another country and I didn't want to bring my desktop computer with me, so from then on I've almost played full-time on a very small screen; this makes things somewhat difficult (such as making quality movies), but it's alright.

So this is what my ui looked like back then. While quite ugly, it is, in hindsight, not very different from how it looks today... shit. Under the minimap is the Quest Helper addon which I no longer use (thank fuck), and I can't really understand why I kept it for so long considering I do quite few quests. 

May 16, 2010. I was obviously in a UI crisis at this stage, so I asked fellow rogue Joev if he could procure a nice compilation of addons for me seeing as he has a good eye for the aesthetic.

This is what it looked like at first (after removing and adding a few addons). Much cleaner thanks to removing the slightly superfluous right sidebar. You can see Grid in the upper left corner which I later removed since, well, I'm a rogue, I'm too cool for it. There were a few issues with out of date addons here however, so I could unfortunately not keep this look for long.

Another one bites the dust

Here you can see the ScrollingCombatText visible (the one managing the scrolling combat text if you hadn't figured it out) which at this point I had used for a year or so. It's a very nice addon, but I later removed it because at least on my 13" screen it felt too spammy - using fan of knives on ten rats was, surprisingly, an ugly sight. I turned the minimap into a square using simpleMinimap, which was also removed due to some sort of compatibility issue. The combat log is visible here because I was hunting for a Ganking Game victim.

Today my user interface looks as seen above. I made some additional changes today since I didn't want to post what in my view was a slightly defective ui. Itafeer and Naïma were kind enough to help me test the ui one last time before showing it to the scrutinizing public. As seen in the screenshot:

MoveAnything: I use this to move my character and target portraits into the middle of the screen which makes it easier to keep track of what your enemy's up to. This is my most important addon. Since Cataclysm I've experienced some minor bugs with it, but I haven't found any substitute. 

Vanas KoS: The rectangle above the minimap (which is transparent during combat) shows any nearby enemies that the combat log has picked up. I use this to find rats when I'm out ganking - when you're out of combat you can click the names in the vanaskos window to target them.

Bartender 4: Allows me to add, disable and move bars. These include but are not limited to action bars, micro menu and the bag menu.

OmniCC: Indicates the cooldown of abilities on my action bars. In the screenshot you can see that Kick (2s) and Sprint (55s) are on cooldown.

oGlow: Shows the duration of active abilities on my action bars. In the screenshot you can see that Slice and Dice (14s), Rupture (17s) and Sprint (2s) are active.

MikScrollingBattletext: Similar to ScrollingCombatText, but it's less spammy  in the way it displays AoE as e.g. '10533 [4 hits]' instead of displaying it four times. It also does the same for an ability that hits with short intervals such as Instant Poison's '3218 [2 hits]' as seen in the screenshot. Thanks to Droc for suggesting it some months ago. P.S: SCT might also have such a feature of course, in which case I've missed it and I look like an idiot.

Mappy: I downloaded this addon today because I was tired of a very circular map.


And finally ArkInventory: Allows me to sort my bags by adding compartments. The ones I use are gems & jewel crafting supplies, ore/metal & engineering supplies, food, equipment, miscellaneous and (not displayed due to there being none in my bags) trash. This addon also allows me to check the items in my bank without visiting it as well as check items in my other characters' bags.

There is one thing I do not like about my ui at the moment. I do not like the character portraits. Got a nice addon to suggest to make them more... square? Then let me know here or ingame.

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