Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life at 85

Most of us, including myself, have now reached level 85. The leveling experience was very enjoyable, and it would turn out that Uldum, apart from being a great zone in general, was even more of a ganker's paradise than Mount Hyjal was. As expected I took extremely few screenshots, in fact I've just taken one from Uldum (seen to the right), and it's hardly an exciting one - one of these days I will learn...

Bad news for those who were looking forward to enjoy Ramkahen's endless supply of enemy players:
It is still possible to gank in Ramkahen if you know where you're safe from guards (i.e. same as before except larger parts of Ramkahen are guarded).

Doing it right
Not doing it right

My ui isn't as it used to be because the MoveAnything addon is being a dick. I am working on it.

The little circle north of Ramkahen is a minor quest hub called 'Seal of the Sun King'.

Seal of the Sun King
Obelisk of the Stars - Chamber below

I have been meaning to post links to some sites I think are somewhat interesting: - official realm forums - unofficial realm forums - my youtube channel - for the wpvp pie chart - PTR notes and interesting 'Blue' quotes
Now I will do battlegrounds for honor, heroics for gear and Tol Barad for pleasure. Don't hesitate to contact me if there's anything you'd like to know (ingame, here or on my youtube channel). Happy slaying.


  1. Och, is a sad, sad day about the guards spawning :(


  2. Hey again Zylvith!

    I really do love your blog and admire how you still have the spirit to keep up the good quality.
    Grats for the 100kth kill. It couldnt have been cooler than a WTFGANK at Ironforge with a punch of stealthers. I gave up updating my blog due busy scheudle I have. I originally made the blog when I got apart from Zylos Hand so I had something to do when I was guildless.

    Gotta say, Burning Blade isnt the same without Zylos Hand. You are lucky to have 'em on RH :)

    I'll keep the slaying up myself at Tol Barad! How have you liked Tol Barad so far? I think its the greatest thing that has ever happened to World PVP. And Archeology is also really nice but it wont last that long after people top it, im afraid.

    Keep up the slaying!

  3. Moostomp, great to hear from you!

    My apologies for the late reply, I have been away from WoW for a while due to disinterest (which in turn is because of inactive friends and such).

    I admit that I almost feel guilt for not playing - strange isn't it? - but I might be back sooner than anticipated. After all, everyone needs a break every now and then; even us busy ratslayers.

    I am glad you liked the video, and yes, we are indeed lucky to have Zylos Hand on Ravenholdt.

    My opinion of Tol Barad is biased, or spoiled rather, by my Isle of Quel'Danas experience from TBC. I thought it would be just as good but forgot to take into account some important differences: IQD was implemented when there had been a draught of content, and people were grinding relentlessly for gem recipes and gear. You'd think it'd be the same for Tol Barad, but it competes for the players' attention along with several other faction dailies. On Ravenholdt, being a server with a low population, Tol Barad only bustles with players at peak times - again, I am spoiled from IQD.

    Keep in mind that I have not been very active during Cataclysm so I will simply have to play more to get a better feel of the wpvp. Archaeology was good indeed for ganking, but my favorite spot is by the Therazane dailies in Deepholm.

    Thanks once again for your support, and it saddens me that you've stopped updating your blog - funny that one of us plays while the other blogs - but in the meantime you'll have to slay for the both of us.


    P.S: what is Zyredox up to? I spoke to him quite a while ago and he said he was going to transfer to Ravenholdt. Say hi to him from me if the two are you are in touch!