Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cataclysmic slaying

Hail rats and ratslayers!

It's been a great launch so far. Like-minded slayers joined the /catagank channel in order to provide communication throughout the levels which was immensely helpful when stalling rats on their way to level 85. Pandamonium, err I mean, Katakaclysm joined Dark Saints in time for the expansion, no doubt in order to gain the much needed protection from its members when climbing the ladder towards the realm's first 85. 

The irony in this is of course that he, among indeed most of Ravenholdt, loathes Parashade - if one is to believe the content of his awesome videos, that is, wherein he every now and then states that Parashade is a noob - a fact refuted by no one.

Either way, without further ado I present to you a movie containing some Deepholm slaying.
Enjoy the shitty quality and content.

And here below is Pandamonium seemingly locked in deep thought. Pondering his choice of protectors, perhaps? On a more serious note, it is evident that it will be hard to level when you have a certain amount of people after your skin, but the real question is perhaps whether the diversion of the name and guild change made the situation worse.

 Or indeed the real irony here is perhaps that the ratslayers put such effort into stalling the rats from getting realm first 85, only to see it go to V├ílkirie, who faction transferred mere days before the Cataclysm? It also makes you wonder, was the real reason for the whole Accidentally guild changing faction just that, to avoid the ratslayers? Maybe we will never know - but we will have to be content for now knowing that a current rat didn't achieve the feat. 

On that note, I will continue leveling and slaying as I go along.

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