Monday, September 27, 2010

It's 4:16 am. So I've decided to start a blog.

Insomnia is srs bsns, or so they say. The past month or so has been pretty interesting.

After having followed mmo-champion rigorously, all the while cursing my own lack of self-control, an interesting bullet point caught my eye:

When I saw the title, I got very excited. When I saw the requirement, less so. "Fucking hell", I thought.

So in light of this awesome title due to be released with Cataclysm, I have started doing battlegrounds more often than usual, and fellow ratslayers such as Shalterus, Grego, √Āuthen and Reav come along for the gory fun.

Oh yeah, Reav and Zyl going mental on these Kazzak rats.
 Suddenly 250 000 HKs doesn't seem so far away!

Yeah... right. Let's say I get 500 kills every day on average, how long would it take me to attain the Bloodthirsty title? 365.04 days.

Fucking hell.



    Also, 500 kills per day is not too many. Especially when you consider things like WG and the more zergier BG's. Good luck.

  2. Yeah, 500 kills isn't an insane amount, but I'm not a big fan of larger bgs and certainly not Wintergrasp; I prefer Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. Sometimes I get as much as 1000 kills in a day, but I'd say on average it's close to 500.