Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Departure and arrival

As most of you know already, I left The Grey Company yesterday – seeing as some people outside of the Company are interested in a more in-depth explanation, I might as well explain it here. Wall of text inc…
Half a year ago, things in Crimson Moon weren’t going very well; Dacarn had been inactive for a while and officers as well as members slowly but steadily started to depart. Some were more patient than others and many contributed to keeping the guild as active and healthy as possible. As many of my friends left, I got less and less enthusiastic about my officer duties, and soon enough Itafeer was practically the only one left whose will hadn’t staggered.
Then it all happened so fast. Dacarn came back and announced in officer chat that he had given up on WoW – he had to focus on his real life for a while – and we all agreed that it was for the best to empty CM rather than beating a dead horse. Today it houses around a dozen or so inactive old-timers.
The guild, or the Clan as we called it, has had a good run. It made an impact on Ravenholdt, and everyone remembers (although some wish to forget) its battle cry. Personally, I had thoroughly enjoyed my stay; there was always something going on and I consider many ex-Clansmen close friends (Shalterus, Dianekas and Rivea to name a few) to this day.

Where was I? Crimson Moon was to be emptied within a week. By the end of that week, the thought that was running through most of our heads was “So now what?” – but for Itafeer, the answer was a no-brainer - we were going to gather the gang and start a new legacy. I thought this was the obvious solution as well, however disappointed I was that my closest friends in Crimson Moon had scattered to different guilds.
After a week I had finally agreed with Itafeer on one of his name suggestions; we were going to call ourselves The Grey Company.
Fast-forward four months. The Grey Company is today according to me Ravenholdt’s premier RPPvP guild. Just like I always wanted it, right?
Right. There was just one problem. Since before we even started, I felt I didn’t really integrate well into the guild. The members of The Grey Company are all great people, but my closest friends were elsewhere, and I spent most of my ingame time with them.
Aside from that, I’ve had a hard time enjoying large-scale RP as of late. In fact, I pretty much only role-played with Itafeer and Shenan, and it is poor form of a co-leader to more or less neglect the rest of the guild in that way.
So I left without any hard feelings. The Grey Company is a great guild, and I don’t need to wish them success because they achieve that easily on their own.
What’s next? Originally I had been planning on joining Tides of Misery. I have more friends there than I can count on my two hands, and ganking happens to be my greatest ingame time sink.
But then something very interesting happened. Zylos Hand announced its return to Ravenholdt.
No hard feelings, Tides, but ZH are even older friends. Backstabbing friends who left the server, but that is beside the point! The strange thing is that just a few days before Zylopfa announced their comeback I had discussed the prospect of them returning – and confidently assured my friends that, while unfortunate, Zylopfa would not take Zylos Hand back to an old realm – though if they did, I would join them.
 So here we are today.

There is one more thing I will discuss today. Some people have claimed that WPvP has been dead, and others have gone as far as saying that Tides of Misery in specific have been idle. It couldn’t be further from the truth, and take it from someone who has been here every day, rather than someone who most likely has commuted between mmorpgs.
So many times when I’ve gone to Stormwind on my own, which to me is as common as doing my daily battleground, I’ve randomly bumped into a little group of Tides.
“Hi Grum, how’s it going. Yeah, I’m all right. Sure, I’ll join you in killing some rats.”
The WPvP scene has without any doubt suffered setbacks because of the nature of the expansion (thank fuck it’s soon over with), but to say it’s been dead is ignorant.
You're being ignorant!
 See you on the battlefield!

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